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My husband and I met Carla after I followed up with one of her ads in a baby magazine. We had tried sleep training months before when my son was 10 months old and it was a disaster. The approach was just not one that we believed in and it resulted in him crying the entire night, we felt like terrible parents and frankly no one got any sleep. So for months after that we played musical beds: he was in our bed, we took turns in his bed, we slept on the floor next to his cot and we paced our passages rocking him in the hope that someone would fall asleep. My husband and I have demanding jobs and we could not cope with being woken up every 2hrs by a baby who never slept through. Taking turns to get up was not working because baby awake meant the household was awake. He was happy and healthy but just not a good sleeper!

We were desperate but hopeful that a different approach would yield a different result, so 2 months after my sons second birthday we decided to try sleep training again. This time it was going to be tricky because we had also put him in his own bed and now he was mobile!

Carla met us at home for a consult and asked questions about routine and then explained what her approach would be. She encourages you to be firm and consistent in a quiet and kind manner. She is supportive and present which made a very big difference to us. The process took us 2 nights to reinforce and we have never looked back! Since that night my son has slept in his own bed. Whether we put him down for his nap or to bed in the evening, his goes off to sleep on his own and our days of sleeping with him or rocking him to sleep are over. He sleeps through – 9hours – and we have our evenings back! With sleep deprivation a thing of the past, we can now spend our energy as a loving family!

- Andrea

After seeing Carla for just one or two consultations, my 6 month old daughter, Olivia’s sleep patterns really improved. Carla came to the house and took notes as I explained my concerns. She then assessed Olivia’s sleep space and gave me a few pointers, such as how to stick to a routine, how to put Olivia to sleep and ways I could work towards improving her naps. We discussed the use of a dummy, as well as other questions I had and after implementing some of her changes, Olivia began to sleep through the night and not need me as much to put her back to sleep. I really recommend Carla’s services. She shows you how to put your child to sleep in a calm and gentle way with minimal crying.

- Tammy

Becoming a mother for the first time one is faced with many unknowns and plenty of decisions to make between the myriad of choices of baby care products and equipment. Making use of Carla’s services takes care of so many of these choices, allowing you to focus on caring for yourself in your final stages of pregnancy, as well as preparing for your new baby.

Carla advised and assisted me in choosing the right baby care products up front; did my shop for all the baby essentials and toiletries; organised my compactum; helped with packing my bags for hospital; as well as guided me as to which breast pump and steriliser to invest in; giving me peace of mind that I had all that I needed, and proved as much when baby arrived.

Investing in this service will save you precious time and money and allow you to enjoy your new baby from the outset; avoiding the often regretted purchases which one finds out only too late were unnecessary or unhelpful. One can rest assured knowing that you have everything at hand to provide yourself and newborn with the best possible care.

- Dalia

Carla changed our loves! After three days our baby and toddler were sleeping beautifully and so were we! Cannot say thank you enough!

- Candy

My baby would fall asleep and then wake as I put her down. She would wake multiple times in the night and the same thing would happen. We went to a sleep specialist, but did not follow through with it as just leaving your baby to cry till they fell asleep was just horrific, cold and something I could not stomach. What if they had wet through or had a temperature. I spoke to Carla and with her approach after 2 nights my child would fall asleep in her cot and sleep through the night.

- Nicola

My husband and I had not slept in 9 months so we reached out to Carla to help us with sleep training. Carla was so sensitive and caring, she spent the first night providing support to us and our baby as we learned how to gently sleep train her. She has always be available to talk to and offer support whenever we get stuck, no matter what time day or night. Thank you Carla it was such a positive experience for our family reaching out to you!

- Leeat

It seems with first time parents, the road to sleeping hell is paved with good intentions. We really thought we were doing the right things. And yet, our little guy was up all night, and everyone was getting frustrated. We'd Googled every possible variation of "why won't my baby sleep?". Though informative, the general guidelines were just that, general. What we needed was a personalised evaluation of our unique circumstances. Carla was our answer. With her help, our son was sleeping through the night in one weekend. Her methods were gentle, no 'crying it out'. Carla was polite, professional and sympathetic. We are a much happier family now and we have Carla to thank for that. I have previously, and will continue to recommend her services to parents in need of guidance.

- Kerry

I approached Carla asking if it's too late for my 5 year old twins to fall asleep on their own, she replied, not at all, so I decided to give Carla a chance, I was very optimistic because of age and bad habits, the only way they would sleep, me lying between them and each holding my finger, Carla has proved that it is never too late to change bad habits, I am so grateful to Carla, she certainly knows what she is doing when it comes to self soothe sleep training and is very professional, I highly recommend Carla.

- Robyn F

"When I fell pregnant with my first child I was told to enjoy the sleep while you're pregnant, because when baby arrives the sleep is over! When Jarren started sleeping through the night at 10 weeks I didn't quite know what all the fuss was about.

And then my son turned 2. He started walking through the house all night, stood by my bed, climbed into my bed, begged and moaned for me to lie with him. We carried on like this for 6 months until a friend told me about a sleep trainer she used for both her children. Within a few nights her kids were sleeping "like babies".

Having tried all other methods (bath salts, homeopathic remedies, calming music), I called Carla. Within a few nights my great sleeper was back! Carla's approach is gentle, yet firm. She is kind and patient. Best of all her technique really works!

I owe my sanity to Carla!"

- Robyn H