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Sleep Training

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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I start sleep training?
  • When you are not coping with your baby's sleep patterns.
  • When you are waking up more frequently than usual.
  • When your baby is starting to wake more than usual for feeds during the night.

You can start at anytime. At any age. Obviously, the younger the baby, the more routine based it would be. But if you set up good habits at the beginning, then you can *avoid* hectic sleep training when they get older!
How long does it take to sleep train?

It usually takes around 3 nights for you to start seeing a change in your baby’s habits. It takes 2 weeks to form a habit. That’s 27 times of doing the same thing. It’s all about consistency. The more consistent you are, the quicker it takes.

When should I start my baby on solids?

When they start to wake more frequently from around the age of 4.5 to 5 months. Then you can start to look at maybe they need a bit more than milk to keep them full. From around 6 months they should be starting with protein, which keeps them fuller for longer.

What is the “cry it out” method?

The cry it out method is where you leave your baby to cry themselves to sleep. I DO NOT use this method. I find it to be very traumatic for both the baby and the parents.

Which method do I use?

I use gentle methods. NON-cry it out methods. I have a few methods that I use. We go through all of them during the consult and then see which one suits you and your baby. No baby or family is the same or has the same needs. So I believe that you need to cater to different family needs.

Are routines important?

I believe that routine is very important. It sets the tone for the day. And also let’s the baby know what to expect. Babies thrive on routine. They, like us, like to know what is coming next. Setting up a sleep routine is extremely important for your baby. It provides them with cues for when they need to go to sleep. They get to know their sleep routine very quickly and come to rely on it to go to sleep. Babies are not robots and can’t always be expected follow our routines exactly to the T. So we have to allow for leeway. But ultimately as parents, we are in control and if we are consistent and patient, it’s much easier !

How do I work?

You can phone or email or WhatsApp me to set up a consultation. I am very Covid aware and am doing mostly online consultations at the moment. We cover everything from your baby’s sleep, day and night routine and feeding. It is a very thorough consult. I also explain all the methods to you. So by the end of the consult, you will know exactly what to do.